Gene Coleman , Chapter Director tel: 215-804-9873 email:

Gene Coleman, Chapter Director
tel: 215-804-9873

ACF Philadelphia Staff

Gene Coleman: Chapter Director

Gene Coleman is the primary contact for all Chapter activities. He has been involved with ACF as a member for nearly 10 years. Gene is a composer, musician and director. A 2014 Guggenheim Fellow and recipient of the 2013 Berlin Prize for Music, he has created over 70 works for various instrumentation and media. Innovative use of sound, image, space and time allows Coleman to create work that expands our understanding of the world. Since 2001 his work has focused on the global transformation of culture and music’s relationship with other media, such as architecture, video and dance. He studied painting, music and film making at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where his principle teachers included legendary experimental film artists Stan Brakhage and Ernie Gehr, as well as Robert Snyder (music) and Barbara Rossi (painting). For more information, visit