Grant Review Process

Grant applications are reviewed by an independent panel of local composers and/or musicians. Panelists follow the policies and instructions included in the Panel Handbook.

ACF Philadelphia believes that this grant review policy represents an important opportunity for broad participation by Philadelphia area composers and musicians in the work of ACF. However, it can only succeed with your help. To nominate yourself or another qualified candidate for consideration by the Panelists Committee, please send a one-paragraph bio that includes academic and/or professional credentials to


Board Approved Panelists

Ingrid Arauco
Richard Belcastro
Dan Blacksberg
Curt Cacioppo
Robert Capanna
Jason Carr
Andrea Clearfield
Gene Coleman +
Norman David
Matt Davis ~
Chris Deviney
Patrick de Caumette
Geoffrey Deemer
Louis de Lise
Paul Epstein
Cynthia Folio
Chris Forsyth
Robert Gale
Paul Geissinger
Jeremy Gill

Matthew Glandorf
Orlando Haddad
Joseph Hallman
Mena Mark Hanna
Troy Herion
Matthew Herman
Jennifer Higdon
Chuck Holdeman
Heidi Jacob
Elizabeth Kaderabek
Ron Kerber
Allen Krantz
Brian Kuszyk
Jan Krzywicki
Jeffrey Lang
Robert Maggio
Michael McDermott
Ranaan Meyer
Joo Won Park
Thomas Patteson

Peter Paulsen ~
Daniel Peterson
Peter Price
Jay Reise
Tim Ribchester
Mark Rimple
Karen Saillant
Kile Smith ~
Evan Solot
Joshua Stamper +
Aaron Stewart
Van Stiefel
Mimi Stillman
David Bennett Thomas +
Nathan Wesner
Maurice Wright
David Yang
Bobby Zankel